Make Your Life More Luxurious With Less Budget

Not everyone of us have the luxury of having our own private island, sports cars and endless vacations. However, you can still enjoy luxury in life without bursting your bank account.

Fresh flowers. Ice buckets. Shower beer. They’re small extravagances, but they’re the things that have made all the difference.

Here are some other budget-friendly treats that make you feel all fancy.

  • A dimmer light switch in the bathroom. So nice when getting up in the middle of the night, or when getting ready early in the morning and you’re not quite adjusted yet.
  • Put some speakers in your bathroom and listen to classical music while you shower. You end up feeling like a million bucks afterwords.
  • Treating yourself to a shower beer.
  • A bread machine. From then on bread will cost less than half what you pay at a bakery. The luxurious part is that you get the smell of fresh bread in your house and you can eat it while it’s still warm with it’s little heart still beating.
  • Learning some easy, tasty recipes will allow you to make fancy-tasting food without going out to eat.
  • A memory foam mattress topper. It turns your bed into a cloud for <$100.
  • A hammock. There’s nothing more luxurious than chilling in a hammock on a nice summer evening.
  • Clean and tidy your living space. Pick up after yourself so it stays tidy. Learn to develop this habit. You have no idea the impact a messy room is having on your psyche. You will feel like you’re living in a hotel when you can see the floor, your shelves are all straightened, and there’s no dirty dishes.
  • Wear a silk eye mask when you sleep. In this digital age there are too many lights and distractions. An eye mask helps keep it dark and provides a great nights sleep.
  • Getting a small garden or a plot is absolutely worth it. You can plant little seeds and it will turn into food! Delicious food, for (almost) nothing! Plus gardening is super relaxing and good for you.
  • Brewing coffee in a French press is simpler and, some say, offers a richer flavor than traditionally brewed coffee.
  • Subscribing to a streaming services like Netflix and Spotify Premium gives you access to huge catalogs of TV, movies, and music for around $10 a month.
  • Wearing wool socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable, even when the socks themselves are wet. Cotton can’t do that.
  • Buying a set of fluffy bath towels doesn’t cost a lot, but it’ll make drying off feel like a luxurious experience.
  • Placing a few potted plants by your windows brings nature and its myriad calming effects directly into the home.

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